The best way to plant cedar trees is to dig a trench. Depending on the trees you've selected we dig a trench 1 ft wide and 1 ft deep. Typically for 50 ft you will need approx. 27 trees. If your unsure give us a call and we'll ask you a few questions to find out how many is right for you. We'll then bring a few extra if you decide you want a few more.

We can usually have the trees planted the same week you contact us depending on of course the complexity of the job and the number of trees requested.

When doing installations we use Emerald "Smaragd" Cedars. For climate in BC there the best!

We offer a 6 month warranty on the trees where we will replace them for you at a large discount to regular price. We know you won't have a problem with our trees as there dug to order. We don't pre-dig any inventory whatsoever. Please note watering the trees at minimum 2-3 hours daily 4-5 times a week is mandatory to be covered under our warranty. If trees are not watered at this minimum level please note the warranty will not apply. Warranty covers all trees 8 FT and under. Because taller trees require more water/maintenance for survival the purchaser agrees to take responsibility for trees taller then 8FT. Cedar Coin Cedars must be told about trees that are going brown as soon as the owner learns about this. Failure to give warning to our company about the possibility of a problem arising reduces our options to save the trees (i.e. adding fertilizer, increasing or decreasing water distribution) thus if we are not forewarned a problem is occurring the warranty will be voided.  The warranty will be extended to the purchaser only. If a home is sold or changes ownership the warranty ends. WHAT THE WARRANTY COVERS. The warranty will give you a replacement tree at a discounted price. It is the homeowners responsibility to replace the existing tree and dispose of the existing tree. The warranty covers any diseased tree please note if the trees are not watered according to instructions they can run into problems causing potential death. If this were to occur, not watering your trees voids the warranty. 

One of the most common questions we get. Cedars can be planted year round (just not when the ground is frozen). If you are planting in the summer they will just need a little more water then normal.

We plant anywhere in BC. We typically have trucks going to Kelowna and Victoria area once a month, however we mainly service jobs from Chilliwack to Vancouver on a regular basis. Please call us at (778) 241 5664 for a quick no obligation quote.

Cedar Coin Nursery has a 6 month warranty on installations we do! If within the 6 months the cedar tree turns brown from top to bottom we will replace it for you at a 20% discount to original pricing! We do not charge anything to remove the existing tree. (MAXIMUM 10 trees covered per site). Please note we do not cover drop offs as cedar hedges can die for many reasons.



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