About Us

What is Cedar Coin

Cedar Coin is a digital asset aiming to support development and humanitarian effort in Lebanon. As a first step the focus will be on reforestation . The value of a CedarCoin is in the functional rewards and social recognition given to those who are helping to reforest Lebanon.


Live Lebanon, a project of UNDP Lebanon, aims to shift donation-based support for development to investment in socio-economic, environmental and development projects such as native tree nursery production to spark country-wide restoration of communal forest lands by local NGOs and communities. CedarCoin unifies investments across local partners and communities for reforestation projects and wildfire management practices to ensure sustainable landscape restoration.

How it works 

Cedar Coin is a digital token created by planting a cedar tree. It can be earned through sponsored activities or purchased directly. Cedar Coin owners will be entitled to redeem them for rewards offered by participants members. The token can be owned and transferred online so partners can evoke endowment effect, national pride, and status quo bias in coins owns – perception of value is heightened through ownership.

How it works

Purchasing a CedarCoin plants a cedar tree

Easy to use

When you plant a cedar we'll send you a CedarCoin by email,

Proof of planting

CedarCoin are proof of your commitment and an investment in the future of Lebanon.

You have a forest

Now anyone can have a forest and be recognized.



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